Success Stories

Amy (not my client’s real name) came to me shortly prior to her starting her first year at university. She was suffering from severe anxiety, panic attacks, spasms, pain in her abdomen, and diarrhoea.

Her digestive issues had been diagnosed as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) by her physician, who prescribed antidepressants for her anxiety and Xanax for her panic attacks. She also saw a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) practitioner, who gave her some techniques to manage her anxiety, but she didn’t find them to be very helpful. 

In her early 30s, Maria (not my client’s real name) had been struggling with depression, anxiety, and panic attacks for a year. Each day she would burst into tears for no apparent reason.  Just as frequently, she was suffering with painful migraines and stabbing pains in her chest. Her mental health issues affected all areas of her life. She was forced to miss many days of work because of her condition.

35-year-old Rebecca (not my client’s real name) was distressed because of sleep problems she had developed in the previous year. It had started during a period when her relationship with her boyfriend ended and she changed jobs. The stress associated with these events had disrupted her sleep. Despite emotional recovery, her sleep never got back to what it was.

The constant pressure of study can lead to physical and mental health conditions. So it was with Shelly (not my client’s real name). Shelly was in the middle of a very stressful exam period during her postgraduate course. She was suffering chest pains, difficulty in sleeping, and felt that she was losing more hair than is normal. She had been practicing yoga for two years, but this was not helping her overcome the stress she felt at that time.