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Success story #3: A natural remedy for sleepless nights


35-year-old Rebecca (not my client’s real name) was distressed because of sleep problems she had developed in the previous year. It had started during a period when her relationship with her boyfriend ended and she changed jobs. The stress associated with these events had disrupted her sleep. Despite emotional recovery, her sleep never got back to what it was.

Rebecca often had trouble falling to sleep, and then her sleep would be disrupted through the night. It affected her mood and her energy through the day. Consequently, her performance at work was suffering. This combination of issues was causing her further distress.

Medication that she had been prescribed was not helping. Her doctor advised antidepressants, but she didn’t want to mask her problems with medication. Seeking a more natural treatment, she came to me.

Treatment results

I saw Rebecca twice a week for two weeks. Her treatment included a combination of acupuncture and Shiatsu massage. Here’s the progress she made:


Session 3

Rebecca said she had slept quite well during the previous two or three nights, without medication.


Session 4

The improvement in sleep was more consistent and noticeable.


After 4 sessions

Rebecca reported that she was now able to fall to sleep easily when she went to bed, and that she was no longer suffering disturbed sleep.

I followed up with her a few months later, and the improvement in her sleep had been maintained.

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