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Insomnia, Panic Attacks

"I went to Inbal while suffering from insomnia and panic attacks and in just a couple of sessions felt an immeasurable improvement (both physically and emotionally). She really took the time to listen to me and support me, providing me with acupuncture sessions and Chinese herbs. Shiatsu was an extremely welcome bonus. Very easy to get a hold of, very responsive and flexible. Highly recommended."

Shahd O.

Anxiety, Stress, Sleep

"I saw Inbal weekly over three months for anxiety, stress and sleep deprivation. Inbal was very thorough in her investigation of my symptoms, and I was impressed with how personalised the treatment was. I found the combination of Shiatsu massage and acupuncture very effective in helping me to relax, de-stress, and sleep well. The treatment certainly helped me to get through a very busy period."

Rory P.

Physical Trauma

"I came to Inbal with a trauma causing me severe physical difficulties (such as palpitations, head pressure, headaches. etc.). I could feel a small relieve after each session I had, progress I thought I would never experience before that. She's very friendly and gentle, which is a huge plus for people who fear needles, so believe when I say you don't have to be afraid at all :) I highly recommend her to anyone".

Ajo K.


Sciatic Pain

Shoulder Pain, Stress

"I came to Inbal with headaches which were related to tension in my neck and shoulders. During our first session, she designed a treatment schedule that reduced the pain significantly after the first session, and made it all disappear after a few more treatments."

Alexander M.

"I must admit, acupuncture was a last resort for me, but Inbal has been a revelation. It's nowhere near as foreboding as you might think, especially as she explains everything she does with care and consideration. Acupuncture seems to have multiple applications, but in my case helping sciatic pain, it has worked really well - no doubt largely down to Inbal's skills."

Phil S.

"I saw Inbal for shoulder pain and stress relief. I was amazed by how acupuncture helped my pain and my stress."

Carolyn S.

Back Pain

"It was the first time for me that I did acupuncture and Inbal helped me to overcome my doubts. My back pain were really reduced and I was actually able to put on my shoes again. I also like her view on acupuncture as one way of helping people rather than a spiritual and Chinese thing. Well done, I definitively can recommend her."


TMJ, Tight IT Band

"Inbal has been treating me for TMJ and a tight IT band as well as other issues that pop up as the school year progresses. She has a great bedside manner, and I love that she starts each session with a Shiatsu massage. Her treatments always leave me feeling rested and in less pain. The method she uses for the TMJ is extremely effective."

Jeanmarie D.

Insomnia, Shoulder Pain

Inbal listens carefully to my issues and my body to plan the treatment. For me, I had insomnia and sore shoulder. She gave me a mixture of shiatsu followed by acupuncture.

I had acupuncture many times before in other countries so I know what worked the best on me. She is an expert to find the right Ki points, so my sore shoulder was mitigated and my sleep quality has improved. I highly recommend Inbal for you.

Hideki Y.

Stress-induced Insomnia

"After falling into stress-induced insomnia I tried all of the usual tricks but nothing seemed to help. I was emotional, irritable, irrational, angry and ultimately my personal and professional life was unraveling. I found Inbal through my hours of insomnia research and decided to give it a go. I had never tried acupuncture before and was slightly skeptical, but desperate. The sessions were very professional, tailored to my needs, and very effective. I really appreciated Inbal's sincerity and genuine concern for my situation. After a few weeks I felt much more in tune with my body, more able to cope with my anxiety and stress, and slowly I began to sleep again. There is no one insomnia cure for everyone, however I feel Inbal was very instrumental in helping me work through my issues. I would highly recommend her to anyone suffering from insomnia!"


Insomnia, Fatigue, Anxiety, Depression

I have had issues with insomnia, fatigue, anxiety and depression. I have been working on these issues for some time. This year, I decided to try alternative methods to help me deal with these issues. I reached out to Inbal for her help. 

I have found the experience very rewarding and relaxing. Inbal takes the time to understand your history, motivation and problems. She then devises a strategy to deal with the problems. She adapts her strategy as the sessions proceed which I found very helpful. 

Each session has Shiatsu and Acupuncture. By combining these practices, I found my body and mind react positively to the practices. I am more relaxed and calmer after each session. 

I would recommend Inbal to anyone who wants an understanding and engaging therapist.


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