Learn how acupuncture can help reduce  your Stress level

Are you suffering from stress or anxiety? Both conditions are similar, with the main difference being the length of time that symptoms persist. If you suffer from short-term bouts of any (or all) of the following symptoms, it’s likely you are suffering from stress:


  • low energy

  • upset stomachs and IBS

  • headaches

  • chest pains

  • a rapid heartbeat


​Other symptoms include a change in appetite; turning to alcohol, tobacco, or drugs; procrastination; nail-biting; etc.


If you fail to recognise and deal with your stress, you could find yourself suffering from anxiety. Anxiety is a long-term condition with symptoms that could progress to:

  • Excessive worrying

  • Sleep problems and insomnia

  • Irritability

  • High blood pressure

  • Chronic indigestion

  • Heart conditions

  • Problems breathing

  • Loss of sexual appetite


Clearly, treatment of stress is imperative for long-term health and wellbeing.


In western medicine, the mind and body are treated as two separate entities. Stress is treated as only a mental health issue. You may be offered anger management and stress management therapy, or antidepressant drugs, for example. In Chinese medicine, there is no such split. Mind and body are treated as being interrelated.


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