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Conditions We Help With

Combined acupuncture and Shiatsu treatment has been proven to help with the three conditions in which we specialise. Click on the links below to learn how our approach to these health issues can help to relieve your symptoms, remove the imbalance that is the foundation of those symptoms, and improve your physical and mental health by tackling the whole-body cause of your problems.


acupuncture for anxiety

Anxiety manifests itself in different ways. You may experience mood swings, difficulty sleeping, headaches, digestive problems, loss of sexual appetite, and so on.


Western medicine relies on drugs to combat symptoms, while our holistic approach delivers help to both body and mind as we rebalance the underlying cause of your anxiety issues.


acupuncture for insomnia

Sleep is essential to maintain a well-balanced and productive life.


Discover how acupuncture for sleep can help to relax both body and mind, improving your sleep pattern and quality, and returning you to more peaceful and undisturbed periods of sleep that will help to boost your life balance.


acupuncture for stress

Like anxiety, but with symptoms that last for shorter periods, stress can create friction in relationships and hinder performance at work.


The approach we take helps to calm symptoms including low energy, upset stomach, headaches, and chest pains, by promoting the release of relaxing hormones and reducing blood pressure.

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