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Success story #4: Shiatsu and acupuncture breaks through stress



The constant pressure of study can lead to physical and mental health conditions. So it was with Shelly (not my client’s real name).


Shelly was in the middle of a very stressful exam period during her postgraduate course. She was suffering chest pains, difficulty in sleeping, and felt that she was losing more hair than is normal. She had been practicing yoga for two years, but this was not helping her overcome the stress she felt at that time.


Treatment results


I saw Shelly twice a week for two and a half weeks. Her treatment included a combination of acupuncture and Shiatsu massage. Here’s the progress she made:


Session 2

Shelly told me that after her first session (which had been in the morning), she had experienced a highly productive day. Since, her stress levels had significantly reduced, and her sleep had improved.


Session 3

Shelly explained that the constant physical pressure in her chest was gone. Now she only had that feeling when specific things caused her to be very nervous and worried.

Session 4

Shelly’s stress levels were rising as she neared her big exam two days later.

Session 5

Shelly told me she had been surprised by how different she felt during the exam, compared with previous exams. She was still nervous, but she felt more focused and less stressed.

After 5 sessions

This was Shelly’s first experience with acupuncture, and she was happy to see that from the very first treatment and throughout her stressful exam period, her stress levels had significantly reduced. She felt better physically, and her sleep had improved. Her productivity had increased, allowing her to finish and submit a paper ahead of schedule. Finally, she no longer felt like she was having excessive hair loss.

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